Evolutionary Alignment of

Business and
Secure Information

Business and
Secure Information

Olaf Kesper

Evolutionary Alignment of

Business and
Secure Information

Olaf Kesper

What is this about?

Digital Transformation

The majority of organizations expects advantages and enhanced opportunities from digitalization initiatives. Almost every industry and public organization will benefit from a higher degree of digitalization. If you need support on your journey to a digital future, just let me know. It will be a pleasure for me to align your business with information technology in an evolutionary process.

  • Business Services

  • Application Services

  • Infrastructure Services

Why is this important for me?

Generate Sustainable Growth

Empower people

Develop talents and provide a modern workplace in a promising business environment.

Step into a digital future

Prepare your organization for the digital future. Keep the pace or go ahead. Start your digital future today.

Increase customer success

Digitalization increases transparency, production speed and quality while reducing costs.

Enable new Business models

A modern IT streamlines existing processes and enables your unit to explore new business models.


Digitalization is much more than just converting information into a digital format. It is the way to simplify and accelerate business processes. Services should be designed with respect to business demands. IT systems should at least support business processes. A good design of IT systems can even enable new business processes. The following services will help you transform business processes or an entire organization.

Business Services

Business services deal with organisational aspects of IT. Business services and IT systems are deeply integrated into each other. Both components are coordinated to ensure a structured design and operation of an IT infrastructure.

IT Service Management

Information technology service management provides a framework to design, build, deliver, operate and control information technology services. ITIL is one of the models that is commonly used. IT service management is the foundation for a structured IT.

Security Assessment and Certification

Security is always a key aspect in network design and operation. A widely accepted security certificate is a way to demonstrate the security level that is implemented in an organisation. Security breaches can result in heavy losses of money and reputation.


Documentation of processes and systems is the basis for a secure and reliable infrastructure. However documentation is often neglected and failures become obvious in emergency situations.

Application Services

Application services are located on top of infrastructure services. They can be regarded as programs that run on IT systems and use network infrastructure for communication. Application services provide interfaces to end users.

Active Directory Domain Administration

Active directory is the central database for user management and authentication in Microsoft domains. Other applications can be connected to active directory and provide single sign on. Furthermore applications can be deeply integrated into active directory with simplified administration as a result.

Development of Web based Applications

Information centralization and distribution is easier when implemented independant of platforms and applications. Web based application make it easy to gather and publish information for a large number of recipients. In most cases a database is used in the back-end to generate dynmic content.

Groupware Administration and Migration

Groupware is one essential component for collaboration within an organisation and with external parties. E-Mail is one key component. Chat and video conference support real time communication.

Voice over IP Migration and Administration

Migration from classic telephony services to voice over IP is one important prerequisite on the road to converged networks.

Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure services are the basis for services on upper layers. Network infrastructure enables communication of IT systems.

Design of Converged Networks (Voice, Video, Data)

A converged network is the grouping of telephone, video and data communication within a single network. Advantages of converged networks are improved costs and IT resource productivity

WAN and Remote Access

The number of employees working from home and usage of cloud application in organisations constantly grows. WAN and remote access get higher priorities. Software defined WAN adds intelligence to static conecpts.

Virtualization and Cloud Migration

Virtualization adds an additional layer of abstraction to systems. This leads to higher flexibility. Migration of services to cloud solutions adds transparency to IT costs.

Customer feedback

„Olaf’s ability to assimilate information and understand systems is of the highest nature. He was one of a few people to whom I could delegate complex tasks or projects without having to follow up to ensure satisfactory completion. Beyond his technical ability, his enthusiasm, professionalism and energy made him a pleasure to work with. He was considered to be a key player by our company in his efforts to change the way staff felt about IT.“

Sat Sanger, European IT Manager, L.E.K. Consulting LLP

„The Consultant did an excellent job in this position and was an asset to our organization. He has excellent written and verbal communication skills, is extremely organized, flexible and is able to effectively multi-task to ensure that all projects are completed in a timely manner. The combination of tenacity, analytical abilities, and good communications skills is outstanding.“

Mechtild Franken, Global Client Director, Getronics

„Along with his undeniable talent, Olaf has always been an absolute joy to work with. He is a true team player and always manages to foster positive discussions and brings the best out of other employees. He carried out every aspect of his work to the highest possible standard. Olaf has excellent communication skills. In addition, he is extremely organized, reliable and flexible.“

Angelo Malaguanera, Owner, abcona e. K.

Latest projects


Public Authorities

A German state authority needed external expertise in designing and implementing network architectures and security solutions.


Federal Public Transport Service Company

A federal public transport service company had the requirement to digitalize a revenue and sharing system. Also part of the project was the design and implementation of the office and production IT infrastructure.


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